#OMRS15 Hack-marathon will help OpenMRS community members socialize and learn something new from each other (learn, discuss, and then apply) under a title: 'Mingle, Learn, Share and Build reality'.

We expect various wonderful people of unique talents coming together and working towards solving several issues and coming up with real world solutions that fulfill the OpenMRS mission.

We have quite a number of projects to work on during the hackathon:

  1. Polishing up Rest Web­Service module
  2. Dockerize All Things

Suggestions are almost being closed, so don't delay to contact the managers to let us know about yours

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Anyone can join the hackthon, though our major target is to have as many OpenMRS developers and Implementers actively participating

How to enter

Contributors can join both from the actual venue or remotely


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Will be Announced

Judging Criteria

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